JUNE 1, 2017 — JUNE 30, 2017


In this sharp, true-to-life new comedy, Mexican- American Lucia is hired to write for a Latina TV character in a cutthroat Hollywood TV studio. She soon discovers that the Latino studio custodian, Abel, has a windfall of plot ideas. As their friendship grows, his stories start to blur with hers with unexpected consequences.

FADE is a standout new play from Tanya Saracho, whose writing “lands in that sweet spot between comedy and drama” (Chicago Tribune).

by Tanya Saracho
directed by


Set Design: Mariana Sanchez
Costume Design: Harry Nadal
Lighting Design: Amith Chandrashaker
Sound Design: M. L. Dogg

Production Manager: Bridget Sullivan
Production Stage Manager: Kate J. Cudworth

run time:
90 mins (no intermission)