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Even if every show at TheaterWorks sold out, ticket sales would only cover a portion of our expenses. As a non-profit organization we need community support to do all the good things we’ve been doing since 1985. Your contribution to TheaterWorks is completely tax-deductible, and 100% of your donation goes straight to TheaterWorks artistic activities!




Donate Online, call Dina at 860.986.7457 or Download a Contribution Form and mail it to:

City Arts on Pearl
233 Pearl Street
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Set up an ongoing monthly or quarterly donation. It's easy! Call Dina at 860.986.7457.


Consult with your accountant and/or financial planner then call Dina, Director of Development at 860.986.7457.


Contact Dina, Director of Development at 860.986.7457. For information about tax benefits and other financial planning questions, consult with a qualified professional to assist you in your giving.


Support TheaterWorks long-term sustainability with a gift to the TheaterWorks Endowment Fund at the Hartford Foundation for Public Giving by contacting Deborah Rothstein


TheaterWorks provides companies with a variety benefits designed to provide visibility and brand identity, entertainment opportunities, executive and employee privileges, and community relations. Contact the Development Office at 860.986.7457 for information about specific sponsorship opportunities.


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Ron and Brina Abrahams
Cynthia L. Abrams
Martin and Ellen Abrams
Accounting Resources, Inc.
Claire and Jan Kennedy
Anthony Agostino and Arija Kuzmics Agostino
Michael G. Albano and Nancy B. Alisberg
Fred Albert
Victoria F. and Leonard Albert
Barbara J. Alex
Catherine Allegretti
Joyce H. Allen
Stuart Alpert
Deborah Alter
Gregory and Mona Anderson
Margery and Norman Andrews
Carolyn Arabolos
Christine and Kenneth Archer
Joyce and Richard Armstrong
Dorothy T. Arnold
Mr. Peter Arrakas and Ms. Karen Kellerman
John R. and Angela Arrington
Mark G. Auerbach
Stephen and Judy August
Julianne Avallone and Lorene Lugo
Elizabeth A. Ayres
Ann Azevedo and Donato T. DiGenova
Jeanie G. and Ronald E. Babineau
Laurie Bajorek
Gemma Baker
Mitsey M. Baker
Patricia Baker
Shawnee Baldwin
Catherine M. Banbury and Peter J. Robertson
Leonard and Elizabeth Banco
William Banulski
Pierre and Kate Barbour
Donna and Thomas R. Barnas
Thomas O. and Melanie A. Barnes
Alice Barrett
Marian Barrett
Candace Barrington and Michael Shea
Ann and Randy Barton
Cynthia Bates and Jonathan Russell
Paul and Vivian M. Batterson
Edwin L. and Edith G. Baum
Ellen Bauwens
Kathleen and Jeff Beaty
Patricia A. Beaudoin
Lynn Beaulieu and Gerry Lupacchino
Elizabeth and John Beck
Dolph F. and Marjorie Becker
Nancy S. Becker
Sheryll Bedingfield
Barbara Beeching
Susan and Brian Belanger
Anthony and Beverley Bellisio
Anatoly and Dina Belyayev
Carol Benjamin
Diane Bennett
Robert H. and Harriet Berland
Gary S. and Elizabeth J.t. Berman
Jeanne and Alan Berman
John and Laura Berman
Larry and Jannie Berman
Leon P. Bernard and Richard Fitol
Catherine and Bruce Bernstein
Estelle and Abraham Bernstein
Timothy Bertaccini
Jon D. and Cheryl Bertus
Roberta C. Beyer
John W. Bialobrzeski and Janet Rooney
Geraldine L. and Vern A. Biederman
Jean B. Blair
Sondra and David Blanzaco
Blue State Coffee
Scott M. Blum
Douglas Bober
David and Sandra Bobowski
Mark Boelhouwer
Terry Bogli
Lisa and Sal Bonanno
Judy Borden
Judy Borus
Anna Bosch
Joyce Bosco
Patricia Bossler
Heather Botelle
Ken Boucher
Susan Boucher
Ernest Bourassa
Paul and Joanne Bourdeau
George Bouthet
Anne and Bruce Bowman
Whitney Boynton and Kevin Galvin
Jane M. Bradley and Julie Carroll
Kathleen Bradley
Joanne and Peter Brandien
Ross and Joyce Bray
William Breck and Susan Virostek
Alisa and Sheryl Breetz
Philip E. Brencher, Jr.
Deborah Brennan and Andrew Rapp
Dave Bridgelall
Joan O. Brodeur
James and Riki Brodey
Chester and Glenna Brodnicki
Julie A. Brogan and Christopher A. Uhrich
The Honorable Luke and Sara Bronin
Marie-Pier B. and Alan Brooks
James L. Brother and Margie Helme-brother
Barbara and David Brown
Cynthia A. Brown
Ellen M. Brown
Jessica Brown
Trudi and Lou Brown
Paul Broxterman and Laura R. Soll-Broxterman
James Bruno and William Gratz
Stacy Brusa
Beverly Buckner Baker
Avery and Eileen Buell
Inga Buhrmann
Lynn Burdick
Thomas and Margo Burns
Kristin Burrington
Michael Bush
John and Karen K. Byrne
Mary and Ritchard Cable
Arianna and Lori Calabrese
Olga E. Callender
Stefania Campbell
Shari and Michael Cantor
Rise and John Cappadona
James Cappellano
Robert and Linda Carlson
Sue Carpenter
Peter Carter
Lisa Casey
Sally Casinghino
Amy and Joe Casparino
Jennifer L. Cassidy
Chip Caton and Catherine Lyons
Janice Catrone
Lynn F. and Jack Cavo
Alison Caxide
Theresa and Joao Caxide
Joanne T. Centola
Michael and Deborah Cervas
Fred and Karen Cesca
Barbara and Eric Chamberlin
Susan R. Chandler
John and Peggy Chapman
Elaine and Mary Ann Chaponis
Amy Charney and Lewis K. Wise
Andrea and Jonathan Chasen
Rachel and Mark Chiffer
Blair Childs
Bernard Chowaniec, Jr.
Susan and Mark Chudwick
Edward and Tracy Church
Sharon P. Churchill
Margaret and William J. Cibes, Jr.
Ann Clark and David Ehler
Janet Clark
Lenora Clark
Karen Clarke
Martin and Lorry Clayman
Susan Clemow
Jonathan E. Clune and Sarah Potter
Ellen and Kenneth J. Coco
Dale Shampaner Cohen
David and Doris Cohen
Douglas Cohen and Phyllis F. Shikora
James N. and Amy Jane Cohen
Steven and Elaine Cohen
H. J. Cohn-Haft and David Johnston
Elizabeth Cole
Susan Colletti
Sue Ann Collins
James P. Condren and Ellen J. Robinson
Connecticut Lighting Centers
Audrey Conrad
Susan B. Coogan
Gail and Julian Coolidge
Nessie Cormier
Marianne Cornish
Paula K. Corrao
Anthony W. Coschigano and Randall Madore
Amy Costa
Wayne H. Coste and Gail Adams
Joseph and Erin Cotier
Eric Coughlin
Jane V. Coughlin and Keith R. Cudworth
Cynthia Courtney and Richard Orr
Richard and Sarah Couture
Stephen and Suzanne Couture
James and Sheryll-Ann Covill
James Cowdery and Linda Alexander-Cowdery
Evan Cowles and Brie Quinby
Arline Croce
Charles Crocini
Kim Crowley
Lindsay Cummings
Phyllis and Peter Curcio
Dr. David Bass and Harriet Cutler
Sheila D'agostino
Frances D'Amico
Marc and Karyn d'Avignon
Anne D'orvilliers
Etienne M. and Caroline D'Otreppe
Catherine Daly and Roy Dion
Sharon Dante
Bette and Gregory Daraskevich
Patricia H. Davidson
Marjorie and Ronald Debold
Barbara Deckers
Marie E. De Filippo
Suzanne Delany
Shirley B. and Howard Delong
Robert Demello
Linda Demikat
Ms. Nancy M. Depalma
Timothy and Rebecca Derby
Jennifer and Marc A. DiBella
Sharon F. and George Dickerman
Matt and Tammy Didomizio
Marge Dill
Ted Dillon
Suzanne Carroll Dineen
Dan Diodato
Carol B. and Italo Dipietro
Patricia Direnzo
Martha and James DiTomasso
Dennis and Penny Dix, Jr.
Mr. Richard Dlugos
Kathleen Dolan
Michele and John L. Dolan
Betty K. Domer
Gail and Steven Domin
Gail A. Donahue
Mary Donston
Maxine Dorfman
Hollis Dorman
Ruth Anne Dorman
Brooks W. and Paula L. Dorn
Joseph and Nilly Doron
Denise Douglas
Matthew Dowling
Carol Doyle
Melissa J. Taylor-Doyle and Chris Doyle
Valentine Doyle
Susan and Richard Drayton
Ann Drinan
Mr. and Mrs. Franklin S. Dubois, Jr.
Frederick A. and Bebe Dudley
Linda Duncan
Susan and Ned P. Dunn
Michael and Jill Dynia
Josephine Dzioba
Linda G. and George Earley
Diane Edell
Dr. Barbara Edelstein
Sharon and Bob Efron
Ms. Mary-Jane Eisen and Robert K. Yass
Jack and Alice Ellovich
Diane Ellsworth
Carolyn Emerson
Constance English
Joyce Epstein and Stacey Hartley
Patricia S. Epstein
Joanne E. Ernest
Ellen Erway
Janet Esposito-Daigle and Richard Daigle
Lynn P. and Ronald W. Everett
Joyce M. Falkin
Iris Fanning
Fred and Ruth S. Farber
Sharon B. Farmer
William and Joan Farquhar
Anthony J. and Jackie Fastaia
The Fechtor Family Foundation
Ann and Michael Feinberg
Walter Feldman
Jose Feliciano
Stanley and Susan P. Fellman
Art Feltman and Dale James Wallington
Jocelyn and Dan Fenyn
Carol and Vincent Ferlini
Todd D. and Diane L. Fernow
Lynn Ferrari and Virginia Seeley
Korine and Ronald Ferraro
Maria E. Ferrazzi
Camille and Michael Festa
Barbara and Ted Fichtenholtz
Paula Fierravanti
Grace Figueredo and Ken Gostyla
Daniel and Joan S. Fine
Dorothy Finn
Kaye Finnigan
Christine Fisch
Eve and Edward Fishman
Michael and Evelyn Fishman
Patricia Flaherty
Muriel and Karl Fleischmann
David and Lynn Fleming
Eric Fleming
Ted and Kathy Fleming
Joyce Flescher
J.D. Fletcher
Elinor R. and Herbert Flink
Ms. Catherine J. Foley
Laurie Foley
Ms. Edith A. Folta
Thomas Foran
Barry and Kim Ford
Joann Q. and Emily Forman
Jane M. and Ralph Formica
Colleen Forsyth
Chantal Foster
Mary-Jane Foster
Stefanie Foster
Joan Fox
Catherine Franks
Harry and Cay Freeman
Dr. Stephen L. Alloy and Ms. Sharron Freeman
Susan Freimuth
Barbara Frey
Marian Friedland and Sam Malin
Judith W. Friend
Mel Fritsche
Nicole and Thomas Fromson
Timothy A. and Roxane M. Fromson
Helen and Henry Frye
Michael and Adrienne Fulco
William Fuller
Steven Furtado
Michael Fuss
Steven and Elayne Futernick
Francis J. Gagliardi
Elizabeth Gagne
Joan and Barry Galkin
Jane Gallagher
Rachel Galligan
Marilda Gandara
Carol and Peter Ganick
Romilda and Elena Garet-Neville
Diana Garey and Paul Dolinsky
R H Garrett-Goodyear
Robert Garrey
Tom and Cynthia Garten
Ms. Suzanne Gates
Jennifer Gaudet
The Gawlicki Family Foundation
Joan and David M. Geetter
Harold and Ava Geetter
Ken and Jennifer Geisler
Terry Gellin and Samuel Schrager
Mary and Gary Gello
Charlotte Gemmell
Elizabeth Gemmiti
Carol Ann Gershenson
Chera Gerstein
Ceil Gersten
Donna Gessay
Natalie D. Giana
Stephen G. and Donna Gilewski
Judith Z. Gilligan
Fred Gladstone and Laura Berlin
Roberta C. Glass
Beverly and Abraham Glassman
Catherine Godin
Alice and Gary Gold
David and Elizabeth-Leigh Goldenberg
Robert and Francine Goldfarb
Felice Goldman
Linda and Ira Goldman
Arnold and Pat Goldstein
Megan and Jay Goldstein
Firooz and Maria Golkar
Robert and Lee Goode
Laurel Goodgion
Pamela K. Goodling
Thomas Goodrum and Evelyn Benoit
Bob Gordon
Pamela and Barry Gordon
William T. Gough and Mary J. Cook
John Gouveia
Ann C. Gowdey and Dr. Bruce A. Backus
Bruce Graham
Delores P. Graham
Jeanne and Peter B. Grandy
Jeanne F. Gray
Daniel G. Green and Walter Langner
Garrett and Priscilla Green
John A. and Norma Green
Dr. Ronald S. and Fonda T. Green
Fred Greenspan
David and Rachel Griffin
Eileen Griffin
Martha Griffin
Pamela C. Griffin
Tim Grogan and Bill Anderson
Marilyn and Irv Gross
Elizabeth and Richard J. Gruber
David Warren Grunner
Ann Grybko
Peter Grzybala and Diane Korntheuer
Danette Guay and Augusta Mueller
Terri Guerra
Pierre and MaryEllen Guertin
Robyn Guimont
Serene Hackel
Nicole Hade
Joan Hagan
Kathy Haggerty
Diana Haghighat and Gerardo Gutierriez
Donna F. Haghighat and Chris Dickinson
Elisa Hale and Donald Grove
Patricia Hale
Barbara P. Hall
Kathleen and Robert Hampp
Ellen L. Hankard
Joanne Bilotta and Michael Hanley
Laura C. Hannon
Susan Hannon
Journee Hardaway
Michael Harder
Sharon Hardisty
Beth Ann and Michael Harney
Leo B. and Karen Harrington
Paul Harrington
Gregory and Jane Harris
Jane Harris
Laura Harris
Marye Gail Harrison
Lillian G. Harter
Nanci and Andrew Harvey
Sandra and Shakir Hassan
Karen and Patrick Hatcher
Rozanne Hauser and Louis Mazzotta
Frank Haviland and Shirley Mae Neu
Carol Hawthorne
Ann and Robert Hayman
Louise T. Healey
Angeline Hein
Rhonda Heisler
Ruth Heller
Dr. and Mrs. William Henry
Gina E. Herboldt
Debbie Hersh
Victor C. and Gail Herson
Maureen Hesney
Bill and Marian Hewett
Jo Ann Hewett and George Burger
Robert B. Hewey and Carol Simpson
Peter Hill
Robert and Colleen Hilliard
Donna Lynn and Jay Hilton
Bruce Hirsch
Alden Hobart
Warren Hollister
Sharon and Grant Holtzberg
Joan Hopper
Mary C. Horan
Marianne Horn
Hubert Schwan and Nelly Rojas Schwan
Mark Hughes
Beverly J. and Richard L. Hughes III
Christine Hunihan
Kimball H. and Dorothy G. Hunt
Andrea Hunter
Polly Huntington
Maria D. Huntsman
Betty Hurley
Bradley and Lisa Hurley
Joan Hurwitz
Brad M. and Jill J. Hutensky
Douglas and Tita Hyland
Elizabeth Ibsen
Theodore and Judith Ingis
Irving L. Gilman Family Charitable Foundation
Herbert G. and Lois Isaacson
Arthur B. and Susan H. Israel
Mark Izzo
Sandra Jacobus
Stephen Jakab Household
David Jalbert
Keats and Joseph Jarmon
Sharon and David Jepson
Joe Jeresaty and Clodagh Parker
Jim Eacott
Evan H. Johnson and Kevin Chick
Gary F. Johnson
Sally Johnson
Paula Jones and Kevin Gough
Fellis and Harold Jordan
Armindo L. Jorge
Margaret Ann Kahn
Joan and Charles Kantor
David and HB Kaplan
Eva and Michael Kaplan
Mae and Fred L. Kaprove
Harriet R. and I. William Katz
Alan and Carolyn Kaufman
Lynn J. and Eric P. Kaufman
Roberta Kaufman
Karen Kelleher
James J. Keller and Candice M. Chirgotis
Marion Kelliher
Bud Kelly
David Kelly and Keyne B. Reid
Erin Kelly
Linda Kelly
Susan and William Kelly
Patty and Steve Kelmar
Maureen Kenna
Cynthia and David Kent
Eleanore and Charles Kepler
Judith and Richard T. Keppelman
Jennifer and James Kimenker
Rita Kirby
Judith M. Kissane
Kitchen and Bath Design Construction
Dr. Alan and Lydia Klatsky
David and Jan Klein
Joel and Naomi Baline Kleinman
Myra R. and William Kleinman
Lori Klimach
Judith and David Kline
Frederik and Sarah Knauft
William Knight and Jill Adams
Helen Koehn
Linda Koflanovich
Joseph Kolczynksi
Fredrick Kopper
Donna Korn
Ursula G. Korzenik
Michele and Dane Kostin
Dr. and Mrs. Bernard Kosto
Darwin W. and Susan Kovacs
David and Elizabeth Kozak-Appel
Nancy A. Kramer
Tammi Kraushaar
Abbey Kreinik
Patricia Kreitner
Susan Krell and Robert Wax
Ken Krissinger
Seymour L. and Ina Kroopnick
David J. and Ruth Krugman
Christine C. and Roy Krumperman
Lee G. Kuckro
Judy Kulick
Narayan Kutty
Jane S. and John A. Labbe
Marilyn I. Lachat
David Lacoss
Nancy and Jerry Lahman
Sid Laibson
Supriya and Vijay Laknidhi
Jacques Lamarre and Arthur Galinat
Peter and Hilda Lamb
Wally and Chris Lamb
Valerie A. LaMotte
Rose Lamoureux
Susannah Landis
Janet Lapierre-Green
Gerald Laraia
Paula Larocco
Christopher Larsen
Marilyn G. Lattanzi
Marcia Lattimore
Barbara Laurain
Heather Lavallee
Patricia Lavery
Ann and Bill Lazarek
Charles and Joan Leach
Laurie Leader
Jean-Paul Leblanc
Barbara L. Lederer and Laurel Hennebury
Judith P. Lederer
Marion and Laurence Lederman
Eleanor Lee
Jade Lee
Jeanne Lee
Elizabeth Leete
Ronald P. and Ruth Lehrach
Clair Leighton
William and Deanna Leikin
John W. and Joyce R. Lemega
Joan Lennon and Donald Pitkin
Manuel and Maxine Lerman
Gary and Debbie Letscher
Jo-anne Leventhal and Jeff Koerner
Nan Levin
Michael S. and Carolyn W. Levine
Judy Lewis
Sandra P. Lewis
Sherwood and Gwendolyn Lewis
Karen Licht
Audrey Lichter
Julie and Carl Lindquist
Suzanne Lingua
Lawrence and Eileen Linnetz
Doreen Linton
Christine Beck Lissitzyn
Steve and Sheila Litchfield
Bill Loehr
Ted and Adlyn Loewenthal
Philip and Sharen Lom
Peggy Lorence
Irene J. Loretto
Jennifer and Richard Lotstein
Arlee and James Love
Richard and Elizabeth Love
Kenneth H. and Karen J. Loveland
Kathleen Lovell
Elaine Lowengard
Mona Lucas
Duane and Alice W. Luster
Lyle Ressler
Laura Lynch
Wendy Lyon
Nancy Maccoll
Erin Macdonnell
Marie and Bill MacLean
Glen MacLeod
David T. and Judith W. Macri
Nancy Macy and Robert Painter
Laverne Mahoney
Kenneth and Cynthia Malm
Adam and Beth Man
Maryann Manasewich
William and Anita Mancoll
Lenore Mand
Todd W. Mandell
Phil Mangiaracina
Dr. Christopher K. Manning and Chuck Riott
Linda Manning
Pat Manny
Ellen and Jerry Margolis
Guy and Sharon Marhewka
Charles and Radenka Maric
Joseph Marino
Howard I. and Sheila Mark
Barri R. Marks and Woody Exley
Eileen M. Marks and Ed Mikolowsky
Judy and Merrill Marks
Sheila Marks
Patti Maroney
Tom and Gwen Marrion
Paul Marte
Mary Martin and Jeff A. Amell
Michael Martone and Jose Fernando Zapata Salazar
Sarah and Gabe Martz
Mark Maruca and Kym Freedman
Ellen and Ginny Massucci
Monica Mawhinney
Bernadette and Dennis Mayer
Fran Mayer and David Weill
Thomas Mazzarella
Jay McAnally
Linnea McCaffrey and Mark Pellegrini
Mary Ann and David McCarthy
Dottie McCaughtry
Judith C. and David L. McChesney
Joy and Tom McConnell
Julia McCormack
Mariette McCourt
Esther McCune
John McGovern
Marilyn McGuire
Erin McGurk
Debbie McInerney
Freddie and Dennis McInerney
Joe Ann and Samuel McKay
The Katharine K. McLane and Henry R. McLane Charitable Trust
Valnere McLean
Joyce and Bob McMillan
Elizabeth Mead
Edith Meade
Kathi Meding
Marianne J. Melchionde
Seymour and Judith G. Melnick
Sarah Melquist
Liz and Bob Melvin
Louis M. and Marjorie B. Mendelson
Peggy and Alan Mendelson
Lois Menold
Deborah J. and Peter L. Meny
George J. and Judith Merrick
Denise Messina
Hilary Meyers and Harry Weinerman
Thomas and Marjorie Michalski
Cecilia N. Mickey
Anthony and Charleen Miele
Donald N. and Regina M. Miller
George Miller
Dr. M. Stephen and Miriam Miller
Marilyn Miller
Susan T. and Douglas T. Miller
Dan Millett
David Miner and Stephanie Robiner
Jeanne Miner
Carol and Russell Mitchell
Ann and Gregory Mittelmann
Kristin Moody
Sal Modifica
Judy Moeckel
Brian Molinari and Kristan Pierz
Sheila Molony
Susan Monks
Michael Monts
Polly Moon
Robert and Stephanie Moore
Michael J. Moran
Robert E. Morehouse
Noreen M. and John P. Moreschi
James and Joanne Morgan
Morgan Stanley
Edward Moriarty
Jean Moriarty
Dennis E. Morin and David Owens
Maryann Morris
Michael John Morris
Johanna Morrison
Pat and Larry Morrison
Shirley Morrison
Janet Moskowitz
Hala Mostafa
Dr. Theodore F. and Carole Mucha
Barbara Mulholland
LB Munoz
Janet U. Murphy
Mary G. and John J. Murphy
Robert Murphy and Catherine M. Wynne
Julie T. Murtha
Richard E. and Paula Musgrave
William and Karen Myers
James and Simone Nally
Nina Narins
Nancy Narsis
Donna and Jack Nash
Danielle K. and Jim Naylor
Willa Nemetz
Dr. Stacy Nerenstone and Morton Weinstein
Janet Neville
Leigh Newman and Gary Starr
Adam Nicholson
Kathy and Walter Nicksa
Anne Marie Niedzwiecki
Thomas W. and Emily B. Nissley
Jenifer Noble
Don Noel
Jo Nol
Robert Norman
Robert D. Norman and Laura Craco
Kathleen S. and Michael Norton
Barbara and Ken Nowicki
Martha R. and Louis Nunes
Sheila and Irwin Nussbaum
Gina and Jim O'Brien
Daniel and Lori O'Connell
Kathleen O'Donnell
Beverly O'Halloran
Michael O'Hare
Dottie O'Meara
Bill and Joy O'Sullivan
Linda Obedzinski
Harriet Odlum
Robin and Leonard Oremland
Eric D. Ort and Duff Ashmead
Jeffrey B. and Ginny Ouellette
Roger Ouellette
Brent and Rita-Ann Owen
Elizabeth Owen
Joseph Pace
Nancy Pacht
Martha C. Page and Bill Young
Ann D. and Borden W. Painter, Jr.
Henry and Jane Palasek
Peter Palermino
Mark and Sonia Palkes
Joseph Palladino
Arthur A. Palmunen
Harold E. and Lorraine Panciera
Scott and Susanne Pape
Alan and Michele Parker
Randy E. and Richard E. Parks
Jean Partridge
Jeffrey and Joo Eng Partridge
Jack and Jill Pasanen
Debra Pasquale
Marlene Passman
Saul and Joanne Pasternack
Charles and Nancy Pastor
Gerald Pastor and Jane Porterfield
David Pavis
Lisa Peake
Jason Pearl
Libby S. Pearl
Susan T. and Mitchell W. Pearlman
Richard and Robin Pearson
Julie and David Peck
Nancy Peck
Jane Penfield and David Klotz
Linda Pepin
Ralph Perkins
Gail Perrella
Adam E. and Alison S. Perrin
Sarah Peterson
Janet Petrowsky
Chris Phelan
Philip Guglielmo
Joyce L. Phillips
Dave Pickus
Karen and Tony Pierson
June and Don Pinkin
Theresa Piotrowski
Dina Plapler and Earl McMahon
Daria and Peter Plummer
Raphael Podolsky and Jill Mehler
Michael and Susan Pohlod
Matthew K. Poland
Leslie Pollack
Linda Poltorak
Paula Pomponio
Frances Porter
Kenneth and Mary Pouch
Ms. Lynn and Robert Preminger
William Prenetta
Roberta W. Prescott and Robert O. Hurwitz
Anna Marie Principato
Peter Pristic
Sandra and George Pruce
Miriam and Jerry Putterman
Marnie Raab
Bill and Kim Rabbitt
David T. and Amy Raccagni
Ettore C. and Laura Raccagni
Anita and Monty Rackow
Marion and Seth Radeen
Naomi H. Rafalowicz
Richard Rago
Jo-Anne Rankin and John Williams
Susan K. and Richard Ratzan
Dorothy Raviele
Pamela Reale
Peggy R. Reduker
Ann Reed
Lynn Reid and Susan Egan
Alvin B. Reiner
Berta Reis
Joan and Allan B. Reiskin
Linda L. and Stephen E. Revis
Martey S. Rhine
Belle Ribicoff
Margaret and Charles Rich
Drs. Michael Lustick and Barbara Rickler
Christina and Ezra Ripple
Joann Roberts
Stephen L. and Nancy Roberts
Susan E. Roche
Alice B. and Robert Rodner
Lawrence D. Roeming
Chris and Kathleen Rohrs
Joanne and Arthur Rome
Deborah Roncari
Robin Roncari
Emily Rosen
Harriet and Leo Rosen
Hila Rosen
Howard T. Rosenbaum
Barbara J. and Alan Rosenberg
Michele Rosenberg
Dorothy and Steve Rosenblatt
June M. Rosenblatt
Dena Rosenbloom
Julia Rosenblum and Robert Felson
David and Jane Rosenfield
Judith Roshke
Sari and Jim Rosokoff
Enid M. Ross
Judith Ross
Marjorie Ross
Matthew Ross
Donald and Nancy Rossler
Rise Roth
Dr. Anne Rothstein and Jane Hellman
Joel and Susan Rottner
Christine Rouleau
Richard and Lea Rubenstein
Rob Ruggiero
Sandra H. and Marshall Rulnick
Richard and Elizabeth Rumohr
Elizabeth A. and Dan Russell
Mary Beth Russell
Edward Russo and Len Comeau
Steven Russo and Elizabeth Christie
William Goba and Joan Russoniello-Goba
Carol Rzeszutek
Deborah and Michael Sacks
Marge and Stan Sadinsky
Kenneth and Julie B. Saffir
Jennifer and Christian Sager
James M. Salemi and Kenneth J. Bartschi
James J. and Patricia A. Salvador
Margy Salvatore
Linda M. Samoncik
Larry Samplatsky and John Tackus
Martha Sandefer and Frederick Sweitzer
Christie Sanders
Dency C. Sargent and Bob Sawyer
Saraellen Sargent
Carolyn and Frank Sataline
Phyllis Satter
Elaine S. Savin
Elaine Sayadoff
Bonnie Scarborough
Lenore Schack
Bernice Schaefer
Myrna and Marvin Schaffman
Monique M. Schatten
John J. and Suzanne D. Schloss
Alan and Lea K. Schmerler
Roberta P. and Philip A. Schmidt
Malcolm and Sally Schneider
Jonathan and Sherry Schreiber
David Schroeder
Elliot and Natalie Schulman
Arthur N. and Toby A. Schuman
Susan Schur
Ms. Marcie B. Schwartz and James Calciano
Alan and Marilyn Schwedel
Doreen Scott
Kathleen A. Scotti
Sharon and Lynn Scull
Patricia A. Scully
Sissy Seader
Andy Sebula
Bernie Selig
Judith and Gerard Selzer
Mary and Frank Sersanti
Elizabeth and Stephen J. Shamroth
Candance J. and William Shanahan
Howard Shapiro
Susan Shapiro
Margaret Lynn and Don Shaw
Robert Shea
Robert Shepler
Phyllis and Austin Sheridan
Maggie Sherman
Julie W. and Steven Shifreen
Phyllis Shimoda
Maryanne B. Shinn
Carole and Steven Shmurak
Joseph Shortall and Sara Bernstein
Christopher Shyer and David S. Ehrich III
Hillary and Jean-Michel Sibille
Jan Sibley
Barbara Sicherman
Karen Sidel
Paul Siegel
Anna Sielawko
Thaddeus and Mary Sikora
Mr. Fred Silbermann
Irene E. and Allen B. Silberstein
Cauna M. Silva
Dina Silva
Judith M. Silver
Mary Silverberg
Amy Lynn Silverman
Bruce and Sandra Simonds
Irene Simone
Darlene C. and Guy A. Simonian
Douglas and Roberta Simpson
Ms. Geraldine Simpson
Valerie M. and John Siraco
Ellen Siuta
Sharon I. Sklar
Richard and Raimi Slater
Mark Slitt
Hilda Slivka and Ralph Rosenberg
Helen and Nelson Sly
Gilbert and Ruth L. Small
Leslie Smith and Philip Wellman
Kevin and Marcia Smith
Pia Smith
Sharon Smith
Sharon W. and Robert H. Smith
Tyler Smith and Lyn Walker
Mary A. and William H. Smyers
Patricia B. Snyder
Fred and Betsy Sokol
Stan and Muriel Sokolow
Margaret Sola
Shari and Howard Solon
Emily and Norman Sondheimer
Michelle Souza
Ruth and Howard Sovronsky
Joe Spada
Tara Spain
Andrea Spence
Deborah L. Spencer
Ernest H. Spieler
Felix J. and Helene L. Springer
Reg Springer
Honeysue Springut
Selma Squires
Elaine St. Onge and Wesley Sargent
Karin A. Stahl
Glenn Stanisewski
William Stapleton
Karen E. and Michael P. Starkowski
Lawrence Starr
Sondra Astor Stave
Scott and Jane Stearns
J.P. Morgan
Barbara and Leon Stechenberg
James K. and Gladys H. Stedman
Deborah and Jeffrey E. Stein
Sheldon and Sally Steinhaus
Marilyn S. Steinmetz
Ruth Stern
Kate Steven
Victoria Steven
Robert Stillman and Leslie Fass
M. Cynara Stites
Liz Stockwell
Ellen and Andrew Stokoe
Dot and George Stone
Shepard and Marlene Stone
Karen Stook
Margret Storrs
Donna M. and Sam Stout
Mervyn Strauss
Elliott Strick
Ms. Janet Stulting
Geraldine and Timothy Sullivan
John Sullivan
Sundance Salon and Spa
James G. and Marcia E. Sutton
Thomas and Donna Swarr
Stephen B. and Margery Swigert
Ben and Anna Swinbourne
Anneka Taborsky
Robert H. Tabshey
Linda Tagliamonte
Rosemarie and Harry Tamiso
Lynne Tapper and Leland Brandt
Laszlo Tarko
Jerry and Eve Tarre
Rae and Margery Tattenbaum-Fine
John and Barbara Taussig
Allan B. and Sally S. Taylor
Joan Tekula
Samuel H. and Joan Teller
Eleanor D. Tener
Jeff Rudikoff and Edee Tenser
Michael Terezakis
Lee and Tom Terry
Deborah Thaler
The Betty Knox Foundation
Carolyn Therieault
The Zachs Family Foundation
Ellen D. and John B. Thomas
S. Ashley Thompson
Ellen A. Thomson
George and Leslie Thomson
Catherine Thrall
Leonora and Bill Thramann
Scott Thumma
Fred Timme
John F. Tinnirella
Roberto Tollis and Rick Marshall
Humphrey Tonkin and Jane Edwards
Martha and Dan Torres
Julie A. Townsend and Peter Love
Dan and Janet Tracy
Adriana F. and Robert J. Trafford
Denise Trammel
Sally F. and Thomas Tresselt
Lynn S. Truby and Joseph Gorneault, Jr.
Chris Turner
Roberta Tyska
Harriet Unger
Donna Urban
Ruth Utting
Donna Vaccaro
William J. and Margaret Vacek
Michelle J. Vadenais
Melinda Valencia
Karen Vallee
Fran and Brian Van Linda
Amy Vasington
Cecily C. Vasington
Margaret Vasington
Hope W. Vath
Barbara and Rich Vedder
Kira Virvo
Richard Voigt
Karen and Jack Volinski
Gary and Pam Vollinger
Patricia and Richard Volta
Mark and Dawn Von Mayrhauser
John H. and Lynn Wadhams
Laura and Matthew Wallace
Harry and Denise M. Wallengren
Betsy Waller
Gail Walraven
Wendy Walsh
Theresa and David Waltz
David and Alison Waxman
Sherly Weathers
Laura Edwards
Linda Webber
Celinda Weber
Lucy Weidner
Ruthan Wein
Carolyn Weiser
Judith and Joel Weisman
Reeves Westmoreland
Cheryl Weston
Robert and Penelope Whalen
Dan and Isabelle Whelton
Ms. Gina White
Gretchen H. Wiedie
Randall Wilcox and Richard Costabile
Michael Wilder
Louise Wilder
Karen and Philip Will
Martha and Donald Wilmot
Carolyn and Paul Wilson
Chad Wilson
Jessica L. Wilson
W. Joe and Susan B. Wilson
Margaret Winters
Andrew Wizner and Sheila Houlihan
Virginia Wolf
Ms. Ann M. Wolinsky
Lois H. Woodall
Arnold and Myrna Wyse
Amanda Young
Barbara Zakarian
Joann Zamparo
Carol K. Zapadka
William and Muriel Zeldis
Lauren and Brad Zeligson
Shirley Zelman
Mary Zeman
Peter M. and Ellen T. Zeman
Lynne D. and Richard Zimmerman
John and Judith M. Zinn
Michael A. Zipkin
Barry S. Zitser and Sharon Heyman
Alexander P. and Bella Zubkov
Elliot Zweig and Doreen Fundiller-Zweig





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